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Repetition is Key

I have not yet mentioned what exactly it is that I am doing to lose all the weight, besides eating healthy and exercising without diet pills. Here we go. I wake up earlier each morning than I used to. This gives me the time to do a workout before I start my day. Which, by… Continue reading Repetition is Key

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Worrier vs. Warrior

I have taken on the challenge.   I could just sit around and carry on doing nothing, worrying myself sick about what my next step is. But I prefer not to now that I have finally found something that make me happy. Yes, I am in my twenties. Yes, I started studying at a university… Continue reading Worrier vs. Warrior

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Cabbage! Its the New IN-THING!

I have to be honest and tell you that, like most people, the hardest part of my change to healthy eating and fitness for me was finding a replacement for the things I loved most that needed to be cut out of my life. White, processed carbs... Do you feel yourself reminiscing back to that… Continue reading Cabbage! Its the New IN-THING!

Progress Report

Progress Report 004

Okay so I said that I wasn't going to weigh myself until the end of the month. Personally it was because I felt like it was becoming a thing and I really did not want that to happen. However I am busy trying the protein shakes and want to see which of them makes a… Continue reading Progress Report 004