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Worrier vs. Warrior

I have taken on the challenge.



I could just sit around and carry on doing nothing, worrying myself sick about what my next step is. But I prefer not to now that I have finally found something that make me happy.
Yes, I am in my twenties. Yes, I started studying at a university for a brilliant degree and dropped out despite my amazing marks. And yes, I have had no clue since then what to do with myself or, more importantly, with my life ever since.

I discovered that law was just not for me. Besides, what are your twenties for if not to discover yourself and where you feel most comfortable? Anyways, since then I have only been drifting in and out of ideas of what to do with myself. I have talent, I have potential and I am a great learner…

At some point I stopped thinking about what to do with the rest of my life and eventually just started worrying about how to make it the best it can be right now. You know, the whole “we could die tomorrow” thing…

download (1)


One of the things that made me most unhappy (like most people in my position) was my weight… Yeah, I know. But it is literally the only thing that I despise about myself.

With a little motivation from a close friend, some research and a whole lot of planning (you will come to realise I love planning quite a bit), I finally decided that I would do something about my weight. After all I am the only one that has the power to change. But I am talking serious hard work and really proper eating. Non of this diet pill or weight loss scheme crap. Sure it works for some people, but do your research and think about your long-term health instead of just this one quick fix.

To bring this all into conclusion, after one week of early morning gym and healthy food (granted a cheat or two here and there), I have become a junkie… And along with this, truly believe that I have found my calling in life. (Well that, and if I manage to save enough money I would like to study marine biology, but that is a conversation for another day perhaps).

I have decided that fitness is all and everything that I need.

I am a warrior for myself now.




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