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Starting Point

So, I began with my new life of fitness and health about a week ago. Last Friday I bought my first bathroom scale to keep track of my progress and weight (even though I believe in seeing physical results more than just numerical results, I decided to keep track anyway).

Let me tell you about my first experience, which was worse than I was expecting.



I bring home the scale and decide to have my first weigh in. Very excited about all of this, I get on to the scale to discover my scary number that will haunt me into working my ass off (the number was 71.2kg), and my supportive, loving boyfriend decides to jump on right after me. Ever heard that curiosity killed the cat? Well that was my predicament at that very moment…

Turns out my boyfriend weighs less than I do. Yes, I killed the cat. I looked at the scale when he climbed onto it and burst into tears. Needless to say, this was actually a great thing to happen because now I am way more driven to make this change and push myself to my absolute furthest limits.

Anyway, to get back to where I was at the beginning of this, I will be tracking all my progress because I find this to be crucial to keeping myself motivated. (By the way, you can check out my progress under the progress tab if you would like).

I have also created eating plans for my breakfast and lunch during the week when I am at work. This is mostly because I know I am not yet at the point of which I can trust myself to eat health instead of easy at work yet. The only thing I can trust myself with at this point is dinner.



On top of this I have been marking off days on which I end up indulging in some sort of way so that I can keep track on where I may be overindulging and losing control. Which makes me feel the need to also say and share that I believe that majority to 90% of your eating choices must be healthy however it is still okay to indulge now and a again. Just don’t go crazy.

That being said, there are so many amazing healthy meals that are ridiculously delicious. If you ever need any ideas, scroll through my posts or head over to the recipes tab. I will be posting a few yum recipes each week that taste good and are very healthy!

All together, I am in the zone and am laser focused on pushing myself to my limits.



Have a wonderful week everybody!

Xx Wild Wolf


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