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Repetition is Key

I have not yet mentioned what exactly it is that I am doing to lose all the weight, besides eating healthy and exercising without diet pills.

Here we go.

download (8)

I wake up earlier each morning than I used to. This gives me the time to do a workout before I start my day. Which, by the way, I have come to figure is the best way to start any day!

What does my routine involve? Well its simple really. I do a super duper fun warm with my blaring music that keeps me motivated and brightens my sessions, a good stretch session to get everything loose, and then I begin.

I start off with a challenge. These are usually just 10 – 20 minute workouts. At this moment I am doing a 30 day full body challenge. Each day is a little different or has more added on from a previous session in the challenge. It is great, it gets me pumped and gets me to that gym high that makes you want to keep going forever! Aaaahh! So Good! Unfortunately I am unable to post this challenge under the challenges tab right now because I am using an application called “30 Day Challenge” and you cannot see the entire plan. You have to complete each day to see the next. Talk about a hook and some good motivation, right? I love it. The application is available on Google Play. At first I couldn’t seem to find it again, but now I have found it again. You can check it out here, for anyone who would like to give it a go.

After this, I do a MadBarz workout! This is also an application, easy to use from your phone. These workouts are insanely amazing! You see, my end goal is to be doing calisthenics, and of course to become really awesome at it. MadBarz has some really awesome workout routines all the way from beginners up to advanced. I am currently mostly using beginner routines. Obviously because I aunnamed.pngm a beginner and have so much weight to lose right now. I will leave the link for this application down under as well if you would like to check it out.



Hopefully soon I will be planning out my own routines. Well, not too soon of course. I have to get there first.

I follow my schedule and I work out each day! At this early point in time there is no skipping a day or taking a break. I have work that needs to be done and I am the only one who is going to do it. I try stick to my schedule without if, buts, whys or whens. Granted, there are flops and unpredictable situations, but I try my ultimate best.

At this point, repetition and routine are key!




Xx Wild Wolf



*To get the MadBarz application, visit –





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