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It’s All About Health

You won’t believe the week I had last week!

I was finally motivated, ready to go and about take over the world. Then I got sick. Wisdom tooth sick! It is really painful and the medication that you get put on is super strong. I was knocked out!

On Monday I was perfectly healthy. On Monday night I had friends visiting from Nigeria. We braaied outside and had a great time! I drank my wine and assumed I might end up skipping only one day with a hangover if I drank a glass too much. That was not the download (9)case. at 3 in the morning another friend needed vehicle assistance and off we went. Now for those of you that do not know, it was freezing at 3 am in the North West Province of South Africa. Like leather jacket and still shivering type of freezing.

Something hit my immune system. Anyone with a growing wisdom tooth will know this, but it is not fun to have a low immune system when your teeth are growing. I was in pain and feeling awful and was put onto antibiotics! My worst nightmare…


So I ended up taking more than just one day off…

Many people become obsessed with training and fitness and will push themselves during these terrible times. However I am doing this for health and I am not going to take an unhealthy route while doing this. So when on antibiotics, I believe that exercise is a big NO-NO! You can end up damaging your heart and taking longer to get well than you need.



Yes, it is a set back, which is not what I needed this early in the game, but I am ready to get going again and catch up to where I am meant to be!

So, for my 30 day challenge, which I am now a week behind on I will be doing sessions in the afternoon as well in order to get up to where I need to be. It is only going to take 3 days of afternoon workouts to catch, and it is for my body so its totally worth it!

I am also super excited to be starting my routine tab this week where I will post my monthly calendars for anyone to join in on if you would like. You will also see my progress on how I tackled my routine at the end of each month under my progress tab. It is going to be extra motivational to see where I go wrong and how to fix it.

This week I will be sharing my Grandmother’s “One Pot Meal” with you. You really should try it! It is amazing and so easy to make (as well as easy to clean up after).

There is so much to look forward to and I am so excited to take this week by the horns and become its master!

Have an awesome week everybody!

Xx Wild Wolf


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