Progress Report

Progress Report 000

This is my starting point report. My initial height and weight when I started.

Height: 1,564 metres

Weight: 71,2 kilograms

From here I will be doing progress reports every fortnight with my new weight and any comments I have on the two weeks that have passed.

I will also be posting the program I am following each month for anyone who would like to join in. Remember that you will need to download the MadBarz application until I reach the point where I will be creating my own routines.

Every month I will also post a copy of my eating calendar (with all my cheats marks on), as well as my workout program that I followed (with all skipped marks etc.) in order to keep track of absolutely everything. So you will see my calendar at the beginning of each month and again at the end to see how well I have done. I suggest you keep track of yourself as well because it helps see where you went wrong and is great for motivation!

I will post before and after photos at some point to show you the physical progress that I achieve.

I am on a journey to self improvement and to being the best that I can be.

Watch this space!

Xx Wild Wolf


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