March 2017 – Program

This is the program that I am currently following for March (as best I can, might I add). At the end of this month you will see the scribbled on program and how it all turned out when I give my monthly progress report…

Spoiler Alert! *This month has not been a great month for me*

Anyway, feel welcome to join in with me. Remember to download the MadBarz Application if you want to follow my program.

Great news! The 30 Day Challenge application that I thought was gone is still on Google Play! I am going to be using it for a few challenges so if you are going to join in, you may need to download it too. You can find it here.



Here is the meal plan that I followed this month. The Meals will be put up under the recipes tab during the course of this week for those of you who would like to see the recipes. No dinners or weekends are planned out because I am already able to make healthier choices when I am not at my workplace (and I am trying to create a lifestyle out of this, not a crash diet). In due time I will no longer be using meal plans when I have the self-discipline to make healthier choices without a plan.



Other than that, thanks to everyone for all the support! I appreciate every bit! It motivates me to try harder.

Xx Wild Wolf


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