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Why Do We Do It?

There are millions of articles across the web about the benefits of exercise and the reasons you should do it. I doubt anyone ever reads one of these and then decides to actually go exercise though.

I did my research and have decided to pick a few of the benefits mentioned, and I will now let you know what my experience has been after 2 – 3 weeks of physical exercise.

5 Benefits of Physical Exercise that you will feel within 2 weeks:

  1. Stress Reduction – I have found that this is the most true of all benefits. There are many things that used to bother every day of my life that I am now able to put at the back of my mind. It is great!
  2. Prevention of Back Pain – I have always had issues with my back due to the shape of my figure and a nasty bike accident that lead to my collar bone breaking. Ouch! But with the exercise I can honestly say that I have been doing amazing! The exercise has helped improve flexibility and posture which in return and reduced my back pain to a minimal.
  3. Self-Esteem Booster – I have not even lost that much weight, but I feel on top of the world about myself and my confidence is sky high.
  4. Improving Moods and Energy – Yes, yes, yes! This has been the best benefit for me. I am not good at being tired and can often become extremely moody when I am tired. I am kind of like a bear with a sore foot. It is that bad. Since the exercise I am so much better. I am in a good mood majority of the time (even when I have to deal with ridiculous humans). And another pus point is that the mood changer has brought back my artistic inspiration as well as just a general inspiration on life. I can literally feel the changes in myself.
  5. Improving Sleep Patterns – As much as I love life now, and love exercise and fitness, sleep remains amongst my top 5 favourite activities. That, and it is still super important if you want to stay fit and keep healthy. Fatigue or tiredness are not pretty on a good looking person even on their best of days. I have been able to wake up early, get a full day in and get to bed at a decent time without struggling to sleep or tossing and turning until I do. My sleep has improved which means I have improved.

These five benefits that I have mentioned, and experienced, are only just a few of the short term effects of exercising. There are tons more that can be added to the list, plus the long term benefits outweigh any reason on this planet not to start a journey to get into shape today.

You know the saying, “it is never too late”? Well, it could be too late in this situation when you end up with heart disease, or so heavily overweight that you can’t get up off the bed to make a start to a new healthy lifestyle.

All in all, I started late in life, but I never want to go back and I don’t regret finally starting for one minute.


I hope that I help inspire people out there. If not to exercise, then at least to make healthy decisions and lead the best life that you can lead.

Have a lovely day everyone.



Xx Wild Wolf


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