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Set Backs

The past two weeks have set me back.

Which has, of course, left me with low motivation levels and a very low mood. I think I cannot be normal if I don’t workout for the day.

After the antibiotics my tooth was still not fully healed and I wasn’t feeling the best. I put off more workouts! Now, after minimal working out and terrible food choices I am going to have to put in that extra effort this week!

I MUST finish the 30 day challenge within the correct time period otherwise I feel like I have failed. I also NEED to force myself back onto track again. It won’t be easy but it must be done. I cannot give up now, I have too much to get done and to work for to just give up.

download (2).jpgIt is so important for me to get back on track and accomplish my goals because they are set and to give up on them now would make my entire mission absolutely pointless. It is important, especially if you are self-training as I am, to set out short term goals and long term goals for yourself. This will help in the self-motivation process as well.

When you experience a set back, accomplishing a goal will help you to push harder to get back on track and keep yourself exactly where you need to be.

I have so many exciting articles lined up about self-training, motivational tricks and much more.

Watch this space and become inspired!

Have a wonderful week!


Xx Wild Wolf


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