Progress Report

March 2017 – Progress Report

March 2017. The First of many monthly progress reports in my weight loss, get fit, get strong journey.

Weight: 70kg

This has been a hard first month and I nearly lost all control. Or maybe I did lose control. After the antibiotics I was put on more medication for a spider bite. I ended up failing my 30 Day Full Body Program and had way too many days that I didn’t control my eating correctly. But next month I will be better and I will retry the 30 Day Full Body Challenge at another stage again. I did get farther than I thought I would though, which I am proud of. Bear in mind that I haven’t really been into fitness my entire life until now.

However I do now fit into pants one size smaller. I didn’t think that would happen so fast. Which reminds me, I previously neglected to add measurements into my report, so here are my current measurements, which will only be updated with each monthly report.

Right Bicep: 29cm

Left Bicep: 29cm

Chest: 92.5cm (measured above breasts)

Waist: 94cm (measured in line with bellybutton)

Hips / Pelvis: 101.2cm

Right Thigh: 54.7cm

Left Thigh: 54.6cm

Here are both my workout and meal programs. You can see all the places I went wrong and totally screwed up (I ended up not completing the 30 Day Challenge although I had plans to)…

New Doc 2017-03-31 (1)New Doc 2017-03-31

This month coming I am going to knock this game out of the ball park! If I ate right more often, even with skipping my exercise, I may have lost more weight. But my goal is to complete this months program to the tee and eat right all the way through.

I have so much ahead of me and I am so grateful for having started this journey.

Thank you all for your support. I appreciate it.

To another month of wild training!


Xx Wild Wolf


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