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A New Month Ahead

A new month, with new challenges and a hardcore schedule that only I can complete with my body. Nobody else is going to do this for me. But I am excited, I am ready, and I will succeed in doing so much better this month than I did last month!

I am two days in and I am on full steam! I am so ready to conquer this month that nothing can get me down. I have my goals set, my routines mapped out and my menu planned. I am going to make this month count more than ever!


I am doing two 30 Day Challenges. One of them is a push up challenge. This is scary, very scary! Especially due to the fact that I cannot complete even one push up properly on my own… I know, its terrible, right? Well, this is my month for that to change! I will be doing main-qimg-56fca906d4ed5c42fdcc9a80a04014f1-cincline push ups (when your hands are higher than your feet) on a step that is 32cm off the ground for the challenge (the reason is because I don’t want to hurt myself by forcing normal push ups before I am ready, I can work towards it this way), and my end goal will be to do at the least ten consecutive NORMAL push ups by the end of this month. Yay me!

The bridge challenge seems easy, but do a few in a row and it actually gets rather intense! To boost my game I am wearing my ankle weights for this one as well. This will be really good for my back which in turn will be great for my core strength. My core strength is something that I am trying to focus on, it i important to build if I am on the road to calisthenics and amazing strength overall.

Besides these two challenges, I am also doing MadBarz as well. This is one heat packed month but I am so ready for it! I aim to reach a high fitness level by the end of this year and if I push right and eat right I believe that it is highly possible. I am tired of the way I look and tired of acting like I can’t do anything about it.

download (1)This week shines ahead of me. I can see some of the challenges that are on the way already and I am ready to defeat each and every one of them.

Now go create some inspiration in your gym clothes and change your life!





Havecropped-wildwolffbcover021 a great week ahead of you!

Xx Wild Wolf


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