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Reward Systems

It is so crazy important to use motivational methods while trying to lose weight and get fit. It helps with that extra boost you need when you feel like you should stop or can’t go on further.

I have discussed this topic with a few people that are self-training or home-training and have heard a few cool ideas. Each person to his own in the end though. I will share some ideas I have heard and read to help inspire you to find your perfect reward system.

A really good suggestion was saving a certain amount of money for each kilo/pound lost, after reaching goal weight or a certain amount between now and your goal weight (a mid-term goal basically) taking that money to go and enjoy a massage or maybe manicure or an entire day in the spa to pamper and spoil your new body that you worked your ass off for.

I also opted for the same idea for reaching my goal weight, at the end of it all, just with a different ending though. My idea is to save a certain amount of money for each kilo that I lose, and when I reach my final goal weight I am going to take the money that I saved and go one big shopping spree.

Think about it. A day in the spa celebrates your new body and a shopping spree will clothe your new body in awesome new great fitting clothes (seeing as your old ones would probably be huge and baggy, and make you look like some bag lady). Both of these rewards are so worth it and would celebrate your body to such an amazing extent.

If day spas and shopping are not for you then take the route that will be most rewarding to you in the end. Aim for something you have always wanted to do and incorporate it into a reward. Save up for that skydiving experience or treat yourself an awesome night out on the town that you have been too busy for. Buy that awesome play station game that you have been dying to get your hands on. Oh, brainwave! Save up for that crazy tattoo you always wanted but always avoided because you were embarrassed about your body. That is a great idea for any tat lovers too!

Giving yourself reason and motivation is a great way to push and not stop pushing yourself. Those moments when you have a tiny mental lapse and you think you are about to break down and just give up on everything, (if you get to the point of mental break down that a fit body isn’t motivation enough) your reward system can pick you back up to that you point at which you need to be to keep on going.

I hope that I have helped bring you some inspiration and motivation.

Now go do something that brings you closer to your end goal!


Xx Wild Wolf


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