Progress Report

Progress Report 001

13-weight-loss-clip-art-free-free-cliparts-that-you-can-download-to-ET2ubX-clipartHeight: 1,564m

Weight: 68.8kg – (starting weight – 71.2kg)

Yay me! I am closer to my goals.

It may be a small difference and I may be moving rather slowly, but I am getting there and I best of all is that I can feel it. I did skip workout twice last week, and maybe that means I could have actually lost much more weight but I am ready to take this week on and keep pushing.

I have also now stopped putting too much pressure on myself for morning workouts. See its nearly winter in South Africa and I don’t deal well with the cold. I do still try to exercise in the morning because it just makes my day so much easier that way, but if for some reason I don’t get up in time (mainly getting cold lately), I exercise in the evening when I get home. I don’t want it to e habit though I would like stick to a morning routine.

I also did not eat totally correct last week, so hopefully I really can lose more this week if I eat right as well.

This week I am really concentrating on getting a real push up done. I am super duper Girl Performs Push Up Physical Exercise Clipartpositive that I can get 1 – 2 done, possibly even 3, by the end of this week. The push up challenge has really been improving my push up game.

All other things aside I am still excited and still motivated! I hope that you guys are as well!

Now go sweat!


Xx Wild Wolf


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