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I don’t want you to be under the impression that I eat well (or at least try my best to) and follow a routine of early morning exercise and that’s the end of it.

That is not the case at all.

I do as much extra as possible to push myself to my limits and make myself as strong as I possibly can, and whatever may contribute in some way to helping me lose the weight.

I am going to share a few extra secrets, tips and tricks if I may, on what the little extras are that I do. Maybe it could work for you too or help you out in a small way.

walking-feet-clipart-clipart-panda-free-clipart-images-jsFIeL-clipartFirst thing; WALK, WALK, WALK and keep WALKING. If it is close enough, walk. All the extra cardio, even if only a little, makes some sort of contribution and counts in your favour. Also, never (and I mean NEVER) cut out a workout for the day just because “I took a walk or a jog today”. That walk or jog was only a bonus in the books on your weight loss journey, not a replacement!

Another big thing – WATER! Time it or track it if you need to, until it becomes natural to drink with timing or tracking. It is so important to stay hydrated and to be drinking enough water. Water tracking applications can be easily downloaded and can serve for good motivation. You can also set various alarms on your phone to remind yourself to drink water at certain intervals throughout the day. This really helped me in creating the habit of drinking enough water each day.

Struggling to fit in a full eight glasses of water still, each and every single day? Make it a little more bearable by adding a few healthy ingredients to create a fresh delicious taste. This can help during a detox as well. See some ideas under my recipes tab if you are unsure of what to add to your water.

*Just remember that too much of a good thing can turn into a bad thing. So be sure to still be drinking plain water in between and in good quantities as well.

Something try to do every day (but try not to obsess about because an unhealthy obsession about being healthy is my worst nightmare and fear) is calorie count! Now, if you are just trying to eat clean and keep fit then I don’t think that this is too much of a big thing, however if you are trying to lose weight this could count a large part in your favour!

You see, your body needs certain amount of calories to function properly and a certainimages amount to lose. You want to reach the right amount without going over to help you lose weight, but you also don’t want to under eat and lose weight in an unhealthy manner. Now, I am not an anal person that will read the calories on the back of every package, although I do have my days, but you get pretty used to it if you have a cool app to help you count and you easily start learning the averages on everything. I am pretty sure after a while that I will be able to keep myself at the right average without an application. You can find so many helpful calorie counting applications on Google Play, so it really isn’t a challenge anymore. Most of them can tell you the calories of a food without you needing to check the package yourself as well, which is pretty cool!

Last, but not least, my favourite secret under garments. ANKLE WEIGHTS! Whenever, wherever. If I am wearing long pants and flat shoes, chances are that I am download (1)wearing my little secret around my ankles. This is just some extra, low-strain, weight training pushing your weight-loss game and leg strength to those extra limits. I love it so much!

Now, I don’t wear them every single day, but most days when my outfit permits. Sometimes I wear them during workout sessions to intensify my session. It really gets me pumped as well and keeps my motivation up. It makes everything feel so much more intense and I am pretty sure that is does its job, even if only to help a little. You know what they say, any progress is good progress!

Anyhow, I could go on and on about tips and tricks that could be used and that are used by so many people around the world. However, we don’t have that kind of time. I just wanted to share the three basic extra tricks that I practically live by and rely on for that extra push.

I hope that you have picked something up out of this and that I have inspired your journey in some way, the way that your support inspires me!


Xx Wild Wolf


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