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Easter Failures

So it we just celebrated Easter Weekend. A long weekend running from the Friday to the Monday filled with family, fun activities and lots of chocolates!

This weekend has really screwed me!

I stopped exercising last week and have not picked it back up again (although the plan is to pick it up this afternoon again), which means I am behind on my 30 Day Challenges and am probably up on my weight… I am too scared to weigh in and check it out before my next actual weigh in…

Not only that, but I put the whole calorie counting idea out of my mind while the family was around, and there was one really late night with friends that obviously led to a few drinks too many over any calorie count that even a normal person should be using.

All in all I would have to say that it was totally worth it in the end anyway. This whole fitness thing is about losing weight and being healthy, but also its about being healthy so that on weekends like Easter weekend we can enjoy it with our family and friends.

Today I will sit down and see where I can fit in extra work outs to catch up my 30 Day Challenges and to just get myself into that fitness hyped zone agai898fe04f411984461423ba9a4b79b72d.jpgn. At the same time I need to take extra care of myself because I seem to be coming down with something. The weekend was icy cold and I suffered with a sore throat. Took some flu medication which helped, but I am still sitting with a messed up voice and stuffy chest.  So I still have to go slow. Maybe I will use this week to recover completely and concentrate on the challenges while cutting out Madbarz just for this week. If I am well by the time the weekend comes around, I will add in a Madbarz routine or two over Saturday and Sunday. I honestly do need rest this weekend though. The past three weekends between family and friends have been rather busy.

This month has turned out to be easier, but also a little harder than I imagined it would be. Either way, like I said, it all is worth it in the end!

Let’s just keep going, because quitting will only allow you to go backwards again.

Have a lovely week!


Xx Wild Wolf


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