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Self Training

Now, for those of you that are training alone, training yourself or even just training at home, you will know how difficult it can get and how challenging it is when you have no one pushing you and screaming at you and all you have is yourself (and maybe a weak self-discipline to add to the difficulty).

I know and feel the pain too. It can get really difficult and sometimes it is hard to challenge and push yourself when there is no-one to kick your ass or tell you to get up and go workout when you feel skipping out.

It really sucks sometimes!

But I found some perfect tricks that can help you with your self-training. Now I am not saying that it is going to be easy after trying these tricks or implementing them, because it is not. This is just going to help out the road to even out a few bumps that make it uncomfortable.



Surround yourself. Surround yourself with quotes, posters and any other constant reminders. Pictures of yourself throughout your progression. Allover your bedroom or home gym walls.

Something else that I have found, which has not only come in handy but which I practically live by, APPLICATIONS! Tons of them allover! On my laptop, on my cellphone, android-apps-for-exerciseEVERYWHERE! They help keep me focused and motivated on my journey to fitness. As you have seen from my programs, I use them for my routines which really is a great help. I also use apps to track myself, my progress and even my hydration. Trust me, when you are self training applications can play a large role. Plus it is easy to use and keep on your person because it is inside your phone (which I am sure most of you also carry around pretty much everywhere you go).

Check yourself out. I am pretty sure that people using personal trainers do this as well. Whether you have not reached your goal yet, or whether you are improving more after having reached your goal, check yourself out in the mirror. It will help you see how far you have come and how much harder you still need to work. Yet another great self-motivation.

Make sure that you have some sort of reward system in place. Whether it is short term or long term. A few hours of gaming in reward for each work out completed, or a day in the spa after reaching your goal weight. Reward systems help with extra motivation and images (1)reason when you have one of those mental break downs that create the illusion that health no longer matters along with the whole “I can live with myself being and looking unhealthy, screw everyone” attitude. Sometimes we forget why we are doing things and need a little extra something to keep us going until our brain comes back to reality again to realise the bigger picture once again.

Planning and tracking. This is more important than you think. I think that this applies to almost anything. Things will go smoother and will be easier if you plan and track yourself. Plan and track your workout routines, your progress, your weight, your food, your everything!

Something else that is crucial and can turn out to help a lot, is the motivation from others around you and others that support you. Tell people about what you are doing. Share in your progress and plans with family and friends. Another great idea is FACEBOOK GROUPS! I have found so many FB weight loss and fitness groups its crazy. I have joined a few of them and they are just so great for support, as well as tips and advice. Its so important to keep yourself motivated and sometimes motivating others helps a large part too. If you are self training and are worried about losing motivation or feel that you need a helping hand in pushing yourself, find a group and communicate with other people that are also trying to lose weight and get fit.

One more thing, nut also the most difficult thing, STAY POSITIVE! Think positive thoughts, surround yourself and your life only with positivism. This can prove to be difficult at most points of your journey, however doubt is part of the process and you have to push through back into a positive mindset when it happens. Everything comes down to mind over matter, and the only one controlling your mind is you!

Over all it can be really difficult, especially when self training, to create a habit out of exercise and to make the swap from an unhealthy lifestyle to a healthy lifestyle. But hopefully, if you are struggling, these tips can help you out.

Take control and don’t give up.


Xx Wild Wolf


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