Progress Report

Progress Report 002

This one is not good…

Weight: 70kg . . . . Again . . . .

During the long weekend, the sick days and all the piled up laziness and careless eating I have ended up picking up weight again.

But I am happy to say that this did not bring me down, it rather motivated me. Firstly I was sick with flu, but over the past weekend I ended up being “sick” due to my diet choices during the previous week. What a wake up call!

I do not enjoy being sick, and I certainly do not enjoy tummy sick in any kind of way at all.

SickSo this week it is full on exercise and clean eating, as well as soooooo much water! I want to get all of the disgusting toxins that I may have built up in the past week out of my body. I feel sooooo gross!!!

I have a full on eating plan in place (including my dinner meals) for the next two weeks. Hopefully I will have made it a habit by then and things will run easier. So the main mission is a two week streak, and it is all that I am concentrating on right now. An awesome use of mind to distract myself from other nonsense as well.

Needless to say, I have given up on my the two 30 Day Challenges that I was trying to complete because with one week left and one and half weeks down the drain, I don’t see the point of stressing myself out to get it caught up right now. I know that seems like a sort of dim view but next week I start with my new May Program, as well as two new 30 Day Challenges so I am taking this week slow and concentrating on my eating plan. I am still doing my MadBarz workouts each day though, and going to try for morning and evening during the long weekend coming up which stretches from Thursday through to Monday. This long weekend is just me, me, me and fitness!

imagesHopefully that will also help with the process of creating habit and maybe May will be the winning streak month where I complete everything and lose the most weight. After all, it is my birthday month and I need to do something crazy awesome for myself! Plus I will have more to celebrate then ;).

But before getting ahead of myself, I will be giving my final monthly report for April by the end of next week. Hopefully I will be able to make up for lost time within this week and lose the weight I picked up again, and maybe some extra along with it. Holding thumbs for the best results with this weeks detox and hardcore health routine that I have in place.

Anyways, I hope that you stay inspired and remember always why you started!

Lets have an outstanding week this week!


Xx Wild Wolf


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