May Program

Here is my program that I will follow for May, and as per usual the general guideline / eating plan for breakfast and lunch as well.



You can find the 30 Day Plank Challenge, and the 30 Day Burpee Challenge under the Challenges Tab.

Remember that you need the Madbarz application to follow this program. It is a free application that is absolutely amazing!

My meal follows a basic line of the following:

Breakfasts: 2 Eggs (Boiled, scrambled or however preferred) and a fruit OR Nuts and a fruit.

Lunch: Soup, leftovers from the night before, an easy lunchbox meal, or even a chicken or tuna salad. My lunch is generally the same thing for each day of the week and varies by each week.

I have this plan although it is just a general guideline for myself and ideas. Sometimes the weeks will be swapped around or I will eat the option that I am in the mood for that week if I am not in the mood for what is on the calendar.



Dinners: Meat and vegetables. I try steering clear of white/processed carbs and starches. If I feel in the mood to add any, I will go for a low GI/healthier option such as brown rice, sweet potato, etc.

You can find many of the recipes in the meal plan under the Recipes Tab (still many to be added), and you can also get a few awesome and healthy ideas for dinner there if you are feeling stumped on what to make.

I hope that there will be a few of you joining me on this journey.

Thank you to everyone else for the mad support! It really does keep me going!


Xx Wild Wolf


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