Progress Report

April 2017 – Progress Report

So this month has not been as positive as hoped. I expected extra effort from myself and more concentration… Especially with all the long weekends and extra time available.

Instead all of the extra time and concentration was put into family and FOOD! Not my greatest moment posting this report to your guys. But if I want things to happen I have to stick with it, right? So here is me sticking with it.

April results:

Weight – 71.2kg13-weight-loss-clip-art-free-free-cliparts-that-you-can-download-to-ET2ubX-clipart


Right Bicep: 29cm

Left Bicep: 28cm

Chest: 94cm (measured above breasts)

Waist: 96cm (measured in line with bellybutton)

Hips / Pelvis: 104cm

Right Thigh: 55cm

Left Thigh: 56cm

I have lost some motivation somewhere along the line and feel super guilty after typing out this report. There was supposed to be change and progress, but I let myself go. The only positive that I can take out of this is that this has to be the last time I let myself go. I also learnt a few things about my body, and of course the only one that can change these things is me – through hard work in exercise, and eating clean.

After what is now considered a good month in March and then this 2 week stretch at the imagesend of April with only a few workouts here and there, and eating terribly and nowhere near clean, I have come to realise the real benefits personally for myself in keeping fit, eating clean and losing the weight. After just two – three weeks of going off the rails completely my hair started falling out again, my nails are brittle and my skin is disgusting, I have become extra moody and unexcited about every day life. This is the biggest sign that I need to make this change and stick to it no matter what! My life is so much better when I live in the realm of fitness.

I know that this has not been the most exciting progress report, but I hope that you keep motivated and don’t stop doing what you are doing. Like we all know, if it was easy everyone would have already done it.

I am sticking to my guns this month and I am going to make it work!

Until next time, have an awesome week everyone.

Keep FIT!


Xx Wild Wolf


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