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We Still Love a Good Party!

So many people think that once you hit a fitness regime, all other life falls away because you can’t eat ‘good’ food anymore and you ‘can’t drink’ anymore.

Blah, blah, blah. It is all lies! Yes, you need to make healthy decisions and yes that drink has sugar in it, and so does that piece of cake! But remember also that you are not a robot and that you need to let go and have some fun now and then too. Remember when I spoke about indulgence and moderation? Well that is all that it really comes down to.

zombie-paradise-paintball-shootout-oct-27-outdoor-recreation-9p50WT-clipartI love a good party and I enjoy my alcohol at those parties. But now it is all in moderation and choosing the right stuff to drink. You don’t want to have more than 4 – 5 drinks. Research has shown that this amount 2 – 3 times a week will not cause havoc in a healthy lifestyle. Plus the after effect the next day won’t leave you feeling like a zombie that has died three times over!

When it comes to alcohol there are specific drinks you are going to want to stick with, and others that you are completely going to try your utter best to avoid if you are looking after that figure and healthy lifestyle of yours. Bear in mind that all alcohol has calories and so if you drink you only need to find the alcohol with the least calories.

The least fattening alcohols that you are going to want to go for when you decide that it is time to party are going to be:

  • Wines – You are going to want to stick to the dry whites and dry reds beforedownload anything else.
  • Light Beer – Don’t like wine but luuuuurv beer? They cater for that now. Yay, St.
    Paddys is saved (in a way)!
  • Straight Liquor – For those of you who have more balls than I do and that can handle your liquor well, this is a option you might enjoy! Sta away fro mixing the liquor with soda! Soda is poison to the body! No matter how yummy it is sometimes, it is bad for you and will only aid you in adding on some extra weight in the long run. The best option will be going for a calorie or sugar free soda if necessary, otherwise keep it on the rocks gents.
  • Cocktails with calorie/sugar-free mixers – For those of you who enjoy the exciting things in life, be sure that it is calorie/sugar free! Otherwise stick to a glass of wine or one of the other options.

Any other alcohol, especially flavoured liquor, you are going to want to stay from! That stuff is far more sugar packed and fattening.

But, you see, you don’t have t throw the whole world away while you try to lose weight, get fit and keep a healthy lifestyle. You can have a good time too and indulge with your inner-party animal now and again. Besides, letting go from time to time will be good for you too!

Just keep in my mind – the golden key to life – “moderation”.



Have a good one!

Keep Fit!


Xx Wild Wolf


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