Wild Wolf Blog

Week 1 – Conquered!

The first week of May has been so great for me!

I have stuck to my schedule, been eating right without feeling any negative effects throughout the detox period and I even got in some exercise over the weekend. Needless to say, I am feeling very proud and super motivated to complete yet another awesome week and fit in some extra wherever possible!

This will be my month, and this will be the habit I create to follow for the rest of my life. I am hoping to lose a good amount of weight this week and I am so excited to get it done. Rewards only come to those who work towards it! My plan is to work harder and harder each week, and push myself slightly more to be better as each week goes by.


I have goals to accomplish this month and I will not allow anything to stand in my way this time. So far I am conquering this month and I cannot allow it to get away from me. I will not let this month get the better of me as I did with last month.

I am training myself not only to be fit, but also to be disciplined. This is the trickiest, but also most important, part of what I am trying to achieve in my life right now.

I have been planning meals in advance which has helped and I have left out all unhealthy, processed carbs as well as sugars. I have never felt better than I do right now, and I never want to feel the way that I felt before this ever again.

Just to think… This is only the beginning. Imagine how much better it still gets!

I can’t wait.

Hope that you all have a great week!


Xx Wild Wolf


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