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Top 3 Fitness Apps

So I have mentioned before in my piece about self training that my best friends are the applications that I have on my phone. This is because they are easy, jam packed with exercise routines for me to use, they track my progress and they are easy to take along anywhere.

There are millions of them out there on the internet and google play, etc. but I thought that I would share my top 3 favourites with you. You can check them out and decide what you think as well.



download (1)aktiBMI. This is a free application that is just basic. You put in your current weight and your height and it will tell you what (according to BMI) is overweight, normal weight and under weight. You put in what your desired weight is and voila, you start the tracking process.


I use this application for every weigh in and throws out a graph at the end and tells me how far I am from my goal weight. I quite enjoy the motivation I feel when using it at my weigh ins.

download (2)Two

My Fitness Pal. Although I don’t use all the sweet features on this application, I found this to be the best application for calorie counting thus far. It calculates how many calories you should be eating per day according to your weight, height and goals. This application is easy to use and has record of so many different foods, including meals from restaurants all around the world which also makes it very handy. After all, you don’t exactly want to spend time googling nutritional facts of the meal you just ate while you were on a date or anything… Life is too short for that. This application helps me stay conscious about what  I eat, but I it hasn’t become an obstacle or stopped me from living and enjoying my life because of some stupid calorie obsession (which is something I was afraid of, but didn’t happen with me luckily).



Of course you know what I am about to list as my number one…



This is by far my favourite application! I love strength training, I love body weight, I love home workouts and I love that it is all already planned out! Plus it is the perfect application for someone like me that is on their way to a calisthenic lifestyle!

This application has workouts for beginners and advanced strength freaks, including those important HIIT (high intensity interval training) routines that we need. It is all planned out with so many routines to choose from. From a quick 12 minute workout up to hours of working out! Its all body weight and strength, the best kind of training that there is.

imagesIt is also a community. You log each work out and receive a progress report at the end of each workout which tells you if you have improved or not. You can also go back to view progress reports with graphs after doing the same routine more than once. With a twitter-like community you can track your training and follow other people’s training too, as well paying “respects” (which is basically the same as a like). It is quite motivational with this extra interactive feature.

In the end I am still trying out many apps, because as you know I am self-training and it is not the easiest thing! My self control is still largely under training as well. But so far these are my favourite applications.

I hope that you will try them. Everyone is different and maybe you won’t like them, but that is okay. You will find your fit eventually.

I hope that you have found some inspiration! Now go get sweaty!


Xx Wild Wolf


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