Progress Report

Progress Report 003

Even small progress is still progress.

Weight: 69.3kg

I have lost a very small amount of weight, but I have still lost weight. I am still motivated and excited.

I have put up a post last week in a weight loss support group asking for advice on how others think I might be going wrong and why I am losing so slowly. It basically comes down to my calorie intake as well as my protein in take.

So from now on I am going to increase my calorie in take, but more importantly it isimages going to be increased by consuming more proteins! This is supposed to help boost my weight loss. This way I can eat right, work hard and see better results.

I really appreciate all the advice I received and I cannot weight to put it into practice and see myself improve.

Other than that, I have had a great two weeks. I have done so well for myself. Eating clean is finally a habit in my every day life (even over weekends, which used to be the most difficult for me). Exercise has become something that I need almost on a daily basis to keep myself sane. I am loving the discipline that I have taught myself over these past two weeks and I am super excited for whats still to come.

I am however 4 days behind on my 30 Day Challenges, but instead of giving up I have decided that I am just going to carry on from where I left off and keep going until I complete the challenges. It is one of my goals this month to finish both challenges, even if it takes me more than 30 days, even if it takes me mornings and nights. I am determined.

9fb6504916eb0b122530c39098d6c2ba--resistance-band-exercises-exercise-bands.jpgI am also playing with the idea of a resistance band exercise once of twice a week to start off with, but I first would like to see how this month goes and whether I can score another amazing two weeks before packing too much pressure on myself.

It is time to be patient with myself and just let the results roll in while I just keep sweating and eating clean.

Thank you for your support that I am getting from everyone. It really does make a difference in my journey and I appreciate every bit!

Keep fit!


Xx Wild Wolf



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