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Curbing the Carbs

Okay, so you are eating unhealthy carbs and sugars all day, every day.

How do you move on with your new healthy lifestyle when the craving keep hitting you right in the beginning???

Well, to start off with, I can tell you this much – it is not easy!

Now I am no professional or anything, but I speak from true, first hand, no text books, actual, ever day life experience. When I first stopped, or started to stop, and changed my entire lifestyle it was not an easy road at all.

8cE6d5ykiThe unhealthy, processed carbs and sugar have such a profound images (2)effect on your body that when you are going through the ‘detox phase’ or when you have just cut yourself off, you experience everything from cravings to headaches to sugar level problems to mood swings, and I ma sure that there are other horrible side effects that are experienced too. This can make for a few terrible days when you have only just made the change.


Here are some of the tips/rules that I try my best to follow. Maybe some of them can help you too.

Firstly, get rid of any leftovers or processed carb and sugar items that you may have in your house that could tempt you. If you are living with others, request for all goods to be locked up or put in a separate cupboard. That way you don’t have to see it, therefore – out of sight, out of mind. It helps to avoid it in the beginning while you are still building up a discipline against it. I didn’t even walk into the shop near my work place for a while because their pie, chips and sweet section are right in the front.

Four Happy Friends

NO CHEAT DAYS! AND NO CARB OR SUGARY REWARDS! Do not allow yourself the temptation! Choose to stay away completely or don’t stay away at all. Cheat days just put you back where you came from and you will never get the cravings stop. Trust me, I images.jpgknow. If I am clean for weeks and decide just one day to eat unhealthy, the very next day I have to start all over from square 1 again. Seriously, don’t make this harder on yourself than it already is. And as I have mentioned before, you are not a dog, do not reward yourself with food! Try creating a habit out of eating healthy and you won’t need “cheat days”. Remember that this is not some crash diet, you are creating a better lifestyle for yourself. I am not saying that you should not indulge now and then, you definitely should, but there shouldn’t be specific days dedicated just to eating junk.

Feeling a sugar drop, or worried that you won’t have enough energy to make it through the day? Well, this part is easy to deal with. Replacements. Replace your unhealthy white images (1).jpgprocessed carbs with LOW GI. Eat brown rice instead of white, sweet potato instead of potato. Low GI means that sugars are gradually released into your system over a time period, as opposed to being shot up into system all at once which in the end only leads to crash in any way and feeling crappy. Replacements done right are not as bad as they seem, trust me.

Another thing that helps me with the withdrawals is water, water, water. I drink a large amount of water to keep hydrated and it takes away those cravings while your body thinks that you are full when you really just had a glass of water. Not to mention that downloadbeing well hydrated is important in living a healthy lifestyle and during healthy weight loss. Sometimes water that is ‘jazzed up’ some makes it a lot easier too. Add a few extra ingredients and make your water better than just water. Now, something that I feel and think maybe I struggled Cream-Soda-Flavoured-Sugar-Free-Soft-Drink-500ml-6009184581774.jpgwith quite a bit on the other had were the times that I actually would drink cold drinks. But some genius minds have already solved this part. “Zero” and “sugarfree” are really the way to go. I know that sometimes it takes a bit of getting used and that it doesn’t taste exactly the same, but you get used to it really quickly. It is really the only type of cold drink that I drink anymore. Woolworths has a great sugar free range with everything from cream soda to lemonade! Plus there is no price difference really. I really love this stuff!

It can be a struggle getting off the processed carbs and sugars, but really it is worth it in the end. For you and for your health. The first few difficult days are just something that you have ride out and be proud of overcoming in the end! It is difficult, but it is possible.


I hope that you have been able to draw something out of this and that maybe you can make the change in an easier way than you thought possible!

Keep healthy!


Xx Wild Wolf


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