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Putting on My Big Girl Panties

Well, the third week of the month did not go as planned. It seems that the third week is always my failing point. The only difference is that this time I won’t let it get me down and lose more precious time because of it.

I lost some motivation and was under a lot of stress having to be on guard during the strikes in our area and the stress hit me harder than I though it would. I thought that I would be able to go as normal after it was over but all my body craved was rest and relaxation, so I gave in to it (which probably was the right thing – your body usually knows when it needs it). But, like a good girl, I put my big girl panties on and woke up at crazy-o’clock again this morning and started my week off right!

I luckily did not gain any weight in the midst of everything throwing me off my game last week, I did stagnate though. This only means that I will be working twice as hard this week, and I am sooo ready for it!

I have also decided to make it my mission for a full month streak in June. I am going todownload (1) overcome all obstacles and beat next month! I am going to conquer each and very week, including the third!

I have incorporated resistance band training into my routine. Although it is only an extra at this point and so if I can’t make it through an entire circuit in the morning I will be doing it in the evenings. I have come to enjoy it quite a bit. I feel it pushes me harder than my usual routine and really gets my muscles going!

I also resee87e858f0c0aac04bc45fd4295d6694_why-workout-memes-memesuper-saturday-workout-meme_627-629tarted my 30 Day Plank Challenge from day 1 today. I a, finding it easy to catch up on the 30 Day Burpee Challenge, so I am carrying on from where I left off with a twice a day effort to catch up, however I don’t believe that will work effectively with the plank challenge. So, I have decided to start from day 1 again and will keep pushing until I finish the damn challenge. I refuse to give up. I hope that you who are doing these challenges feel the same, but I also hope that you are kicking ass at it!

I hope that you all have a great week stuffed with clean eating and awesome work outs!


Xx Wild Wolf


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