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Detox Method

I am sure that you have read all over the internet about different detox waters and diets and methods. Today I am sharing my detox method and secrets with you. Maybe you could try it and it could help you out during a detox too.


A detox is good when changing your diet (from unhealthy to healthy), after a vacation filled with eating, or a binge weekend (whether it was alcohol or food or whatever). It cleanses your system from the outside and gets you back on track.

downloadMany people will follow a detox diet or just drink a detox drink. I prefer the drink route. My detox will usually last for 1 – 3 days. I will make a 2 litres of my detox mixture and drink it throughout my day between 6 – 11am in the morning. I would love to drink it at night, however it contains a large amount of green tea and that WILL keep you awake. Trust me, I tried.

For my detox mixture I soak 4 bags of green tea and mint in a 500ml container of boilingdownload (2) water for an hour or a few (basically until cooled). That goes into a 2L container (without the mint leaves or tea bags) along with 150ml lemon juice, 30 – 60 ml apple cider and the rest filled up with water. Sometime I will add a little ginger.

See, that’s not so difficult.

But, you need to remember that it is a detox. It is to cleanse your body from the inside. This means that during your detox you will need to eat clean. Very, very clean. I stick to meat and vegetables, as well as my boiled egg breakfast. I try to eat mostly vegetable soup beca04022e18cb4eae1715e193ca616bd6dause soup is also a great detox method, but otherwise clean, steamed or boiled meat and vegetables are on my meal agenda during these 3 detox days.

If you are detoxing in between changing your diet, in other words changing from unhealthy to healthy or cutting off carbs and sugars, remember why you are doing it and be sure to create a good habit during the detox. It will not help you if you only go back to eating junk straight after the detox. You might as well never have done it in the first place then. Create a clean eating habit and stick to it. That way you will have to detox much less. Plus we are doing this for our health, aren’t we?

A good detox now and then helps your body heal from the inside and get rid of a little excess weight. I sometimes lose up to 2 kilograms after a 3 day detox. All unnecessary water weight (I assume) and fat that my body retains.download

I only detox about once a month to once every 3 months, depending on circumstances of course. It is also key not to over do it.

By the way, this detox helped me a lot when I converted to a clean diet from a diet filled with unhealthy processed carbs and sugar. The transition can be difficult. but this detox did help me!

I hope this can help you in some way too.


Xx Wild Wolf


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