June Program 2017

Here is the program that I will be following from 1 June 2017. I am very excited to do this one. It is far more intense, but I think that it what I need right now.



I will be following a diet of clean eating, which basically means only fruit, veg and meat. No sugar or processed carbs. I will also be adding a whey protein once or twice a day to up my protein intake which should boost my weight loss and get me to where I need to be on my calorie intake each day.

I do realise that this program is much more intense than my previous programs, especially because the Abs Challenge and Squat Challenge will be done in the afternoons and not in the morning with the other exercises, but I have prepared myself and I am taking this on full force.

Thank you for your support and I hope that I can do better throughout this program again.

*The Abs Challenge can be found here, and the squat challenge can be found here.

Xx Wild Wolf

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