Progress Report

May 2017 – Progress Report

Weight: 69.5kg

Amount lost since last report: 1.7kg

Measurements in cm

Right Bicep: 26

Left Bicep: 26.5

Chest: 91

Waist: 88

Hips: 102

Right Thigh: 53

Left Thigh: 53

Overall CM lost since last report: 22cm

I have been sick for the past few days, but I will be heading in full steam to my June Program tomorrow morning. I am ready to kick ass.

I did not lose as much as I expected or as I had hoped for after all my hard work and eating rituals. I also consulted my helpful and trusty Facebook group friends who suggested that I add in more protein and calories to my diet. So I will be adding in one – two protein shakes a day and see if that helps boost my weight loss game.

I will try one shake a day for one week and then, if necessary, two shakes a day. How much this helps will determine whether or not I carry on using the whey protein.

Other than that I can see on my May Program that I improved since March and April and that makes me super proud. Discipline does not come easily but I am getting there the harder I push each day. Hopefully this month will be lucky one and I will complete it just about perfectly.

Thank you for all the support that I receive from my readers and fellow fitness people. I really do appreciate it!

Find my new program for the month of June here!

I am psyched for June and I am so ready to kick some weight loss ass!!!

Xx Wild Wolf


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