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June Is MINE!

So I am off to a late start, but I have declared that this month will belong to me! I have plans, I have goals and I intend to reach them.

In order to reach my goals there are a few changes that are going to need to come into play and I am more than prepared to make them! In fact, I am super excited to be making them.

Firstly, I know that when I started this two (what feels like very loooong) months ago, I said that I was going to do this the natural way and without any diet pills or whatever but things seem to be taking a bad turn. I seem to be stuck on one weighconfused-look-clipart-1-confused-face-clip-art-261_291t despite hard work and clean eating. A fitness consultant also looked at me as if I had walked out of a mental institution when I told him about my situation…

After consulting with him, and asking my trusty unnamed.pngFacebook friends for advice, I have decided to try out protein shakes this month. I feel that it is more natural than diet pills and it will be the only supplement that I will be taking to aid my weight loss. All we can do is try, and see what works. If it does not work then it just seems that I have a long road ahead of me that I am more than willing to take if the shakes are not for me.

I have had to change the June Program. One of the applications that I use, Mad Barz, has upgraded and some the routines are no longer on the application. Although I see that images.pngthey do offer awesome 12-week plans and other new such awesome things. I am excited to get to that when I am ready. Anyway, so my pre-workout will now be the “Hangover” and my main work out will be resistance band routines (this is until I can afford weights), along with my two 30 Day Challenges that I am yet again determined to finish this time. Hey, I did say that this month is mine though and I really do believe it! I also will tell you more about the resistance band and the routines that I am following throughout the month.

My clean eating plan has been working out really well since last month. I have made big changes. Cabbage, for example, is my new carb! images (1).jpgI love it! I toast it as bread, buns, rice, pasta – everything, and it is just as filling. I will tell you more about that later though. I have also cut out sugar (although I do indulge now and then if a special occasion occurs – last month was my birthday and a friend’s wedding). I feel that my eating habits have largely become easily controlled. I have made a point of eating by 6pm and then nothing after that besides fluids, however that rule is now changing to 7h30pm because I will be working out in the evenings after work as well now, especially on the days I don’t get it done during the below 0 degree mornings. I am not good friends with the cold, and despite heaters it seems that my house remains colder than it is outside.

I am also super excited about getting creative this month! I have files and tracking methods and colours! I will tell you more about that too this month! Maybe get you inspired or get your creative juices flowing! Healthy mind – healthy body!

I hope that you are as amped about this month as I am! Work for it, take it and own it!

Get Fit!


Xx Wild Wolf


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