Progress Report

Progress Report 004

Okay so I said that I wasn’t going to weigh myself until the end of the month. Personally it was because I felt like it was becoming a thing and I really did not want that to happen. However I am busy trying the protein shakes and want to see which of them makes a difference and works best for me, so in the end I had to weigh.

Weight: 69.4

This is my weight after a week on the USN Blue Lab 100% whey protein. I do not see much of a difference which is a little disappointing because I worked pretty hard this week. I am now trying a different make of the shakes to see if maybe it will work better. I have hopes that it will because it is lower in carbs, and as we know women’s bodies process that shit much slower than men’s.

So here we are off to round two and we will see what happens with it!

My 30 Day Squat Challenge has fallen completely out of place (as usual, I am so terrible at these things), but I am super proud to say that I am still on track with my 30 Day Abs Challenge and I am super excited to complete this challenge!

I also have to tell you that I am no longer doing the MadBarz routines. I do a simple warm up work out before my resistance band routines and I alternate my days between upper body and lower body on the resistance band. You can read more about that this week though when I share more on the resistance band training that I have started. It is really exciting to me.

Until then, keep awesome and keep fit!


Xx Wild Wolf


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