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Cabbage! Its the New IN-THING!

I have to be honest and tell you that, like most people, the hardest part of my change to healthy eating and fitness for me was finding a replacement for the things I loved most that needed to be cut out of my life. White, processed carbs…

Do you feel yourself reminiscing back to that delicious evil sometimes? I used to, but not anymore. I have found a replacement that in the mean time is not only great tasting and good for weight loss, but it is also easy on the pocket as well. We less fortunate South Africans need to think economically and super smart to eat right with out #junkstatus and what not that we are currently experiencing and our crazy booming prices! Turns out that this replacement works out great both ways!


Red or Green (although I have found red to be my more favourite).

images (50)

I use it for almost just about everything! I chop it up into tine pieces (I am sure that you can also use some sort of food processor if you are trying to be quick about it) and then I either steam or grill it slightly in a pan and voila, you have delicious rice! It is fantastic. In fact I am eating just that with a stew tonight, I just decided. I will even post the picture.

Other than rice, another favourite of mine was always lasagna! Pffft! Easy! Chop up your cabbage and use it in place of your pasta sheets, pour over your mince, white sauce andimages cheese and there you have it (after its been in the oven of course). This to me was amazing! I also felt that I needed to eat much less of it than I would of normal lasagna. Keep an eye out for this specific recipe next week! It will be posted and trust me you want to get your hands on it! It is a great, filling and awesome meal that the entire family would enjoy!

Similar to to lasagna – mince and pasta? Cut your cabbage into strips and replace the pasta for a healthier meal. I like to steam the strips, but you can boil them too if that is what you prefer. The choice is all yours. Of course the same goes for the noodles that you are about to add to that already healthy stir fry. Why ruin it? I like to cut up my cabbage into strips, and in the case of stir fry, just fry it along with the rest of meal. Easy and really tasty. This does make for a great meal.

cbgOne more secret and delicious replacement – bread and buns. I know it sounds weird, but it is absolutely mind blowing!!! I swear!!! I use roast it and use it as buns for burger patties. My boyfriend even prefers this over a real burger. He thinks its amazing too! And this is coming from someone who loves a good take out burger. Watch for this recipe soon too and go blow minds with it after it has been posted! I will make sure to link it to this article after its posted as well in case you want to bookmark this for future reference.

Ever had a stuffed cabbage? It is a beautiful taste that nothing can compare to, and so super duper filling! Adding the right ingredients and then roasting it in the oven, or even adding it to a braai (BBQ) in some foil makes for an amazing side dish or even a whole meal. Keep your eyes peeled for this recipe too. It is coming, and you are going to luuuuuurve it!

Cabbage has lowered my carb intake, as well as my calorie intake, a whole bunch! But like I have said time and time again before – too much of a good thing… So be sure to be getting some good Low GI carbs in inbetween it all. You don’t want to end up screwing your sugar in the end.

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The next time you want to take in a bunch of processed white carbs like pasta or white rice, but you are trying to eat healthy and lower your calories, refer back here. Trust me, this is your go to!


Xx Wild Wolf


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