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Change of Plan

So I know that I had this whole idea in my head about the fitness blog, but I have put some reality thought into it and I have made a decision to change things up a little for my own benefit and to reach the goals that I need to reach.

I will no longer be using my blog as a fitness blog per say. I have decided that it is important for me to concentrate on my fitness goals first instead.

But don’t worry because once I have reached those goals within a few months I will be right back here to tell you guys exactly how I did it, and hopefully in the end be a lot more helpful to those who are attempting to reach their fitness goals as well.

I will still post some cool articles now and again, but it won’t be as frequent as it used to be, and I will still try each month to add in a progress report for record purposes for myself as well. So you guys can still keep track.

You can also keep track and draw inspiration and motivation from my Facebook Page and Twitter Feed too! That is the real stuff!

To bring everything all together, I am starting an intense program to reach my goals and I will no longer have the time to post on every move I make and all the extra goodies. Like I said earlier, there will still be posts now and then, like challenges, recipes etc.

I am sure that those of you who have had fitness goals to reach or are trying to reach your fitness goals as well can understand how important this is to me if I would like to create a lifestyle and hopefully a future as well.

But, until next time!

Keep it fit!!


Xx Wild Wolf



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