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Change of Plan

So I know that I had this whole idea in my head about the fitness blog, but I have put some reality thought into it and I have made a decision to change things up a little for my own benefit and to reach the goals that I need to reach. I will no longer… Continue reading Change of Plan


Stuffed & Bacon Wrapped Chicken

Ingredients: Chicken Breasts Bacon Strips Chutney Feta Spinach Tomato Peppers / Chilies Spinach (Optional) Mushrooms (Optional) How to: Slice open the chicken breasts for stuffing. Set the oven on preheat at a temperature that you would usually roast your chicken (mine is about 180 degrees C). Place your chicken breasts on a pan with the… Continue reading Stuffed & Bacon Wrapped Chicken


Lunchbox Meals

These are some simple, easy and healthy meal ideas that can be prepacked into lunch boxes for the week ahead. Makes your life a little easier this way. Everything is packed in, chopped up if necessary and that't it. Both meals include a boiled egg. That is the only part of the lunchbox meal that… Continue reading Lunchbox Meals