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Curbing the Carbs

Okay, so you are eating unhealthy carbs and sugars all day, every day. How do you move on with your new healthy lifestyle when the craving keep hitting you right in the beginning??? Well, to start off with, I can tell you this much - it is not easy! Now I am no professional or… Continue reading Curbing the Carbs

Progress Report

Progress Report 003

Even small progress is still progress. Weight: 69.3kg I have lost a very small amount of weight, but I have still lost weight. I am still motivated and excited. I have put up a post last week in a weight loss support group asking for advice on how others think I might be going wrong… Continue reading Progress Report 003

Wild Wolf Blog

Week 1 – Conquered!

The first week of May has been so great for me! I have stuck to my schedule, been eating right without feeling any negative effects throughout the detox period and I even got in some exercise over the weekend. Needless to say, I am feeling very proud and super motivated to complete yet another awesome… Continue reading Week 1 – Conquered!