Progress Report

April 2017 – Progress Report

So this month has not been as positive as hoped. I expected extra effort from myself and more concentration… Especially with all the long weekends and extra time available. Instead all of the extra time and concentration was put into family and FOOD! Not my greatest moment posting this report to your guys. But if… Continue reading April 2017 – Progress Report


May Program

Here is my program that I will follow for May, and as per usual the general guideline / eating plan for breakfast and lunch as well.   You can find the 30 Day Plank Challenge, and the 30 Day Burpee Challenge under the Challenges Tab. Remember that you need the Madbarz application to follow this program.… Continue reading May Program

Progress Report

Progress Report 002

This one is not good... Weight: 70kg . . . . Again . . . . During the long weekend, the sick days and all the piled up laziness and careless eating I have ended up picking up weight again. But I am happy to say that this did not bring me down, it rather… Continue reading Progress Report 002

Wild Wolf Blog

Self Training

Now, for those of you that are training alone, training yourself or even just training at home, you will know how difficult it can get and how challenging it is when you have no one pushing you and screaming at you and all you have is yourself (and maybe a weak self-discipline to add to… Continue reading Self Training

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Reward Systems

It is so crazy important to use motivational methods while trying to lose weight and get fit. It helps with that extra boost you need when you feel like you should stop or can’t go on further. I have discussed this topic with a few people that are self-training or home-training and have heard a… Continue reading Reward Systems