March 2017 – Program

This is the program that I am currently following for March (as best I can, might I add). At the end of this month you will see the scribbled on program and how it all turned out when I give my monthly progress report... Spoiler Alert! *This month has not been a great month for… Continue reading March 2017 – Program

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It’s All About Health

You won't believe the week I had last week! I was finally motivated, ready to go and about take over the world. Then I got sick. Wisdom tooth sick! It is really painful and the medication that you get put on is super strong. I was knocked out! On Monday I was perfectly healthy. On… Continue reading It’s All About Health

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Repetition is Key

I have not yet mentioned what exactly it is that I am doing to lose all the weight, besides eating healthy and exercising without diet pills. Here we go. I wake up earlier each morning than I used to. This gives me the time to do a workout before I start my day. Which, by… Continue reading Repetition is Key

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Starting Point

So, I began with my new life of fitness and health about a week ago. Last Friday I bought my first bathroom scale to keep track of my progress and weight (even though I believe in seeing physical results more than just numerical results, I decided to keep track anyway). Let me tell you about… Continue reading Starting Point