March 2017 – Program

This is the program that I am currently following for March (as best I can, might I add). At the end of this month you will see the scribbled on program and how it all turned out when I give my monthly progress report... Spoiler Alert! *This month has not been a great month for… Continue reading March 2017 – Program


April 2017 – Program

Here is the new program for April 2017! I hope that you will be join me on this adventure. You can find the 30 Day Push Up Challenge under the challenges tab. Also, don't forget that you will need the MadBarz Application and the 30 Day Challenges under the Challenges┬áTab. This month we will be… Continue reading April 2017 – Program

Wild Wolf Blog

Why Do We Do It?

There are millions of articles across the web about the benefits of exercise and the reasons you should do it. I doubt anyone ever reads one of these and then decides to actually go exercise though. I did my research and have decided to pick a few of the benefits mentioned, and I will now… Continue reading Why Do We Do It?


One Pot Meal

A family recipe passed down to me from my grandmother that I am happy to share everyone, especially the singles out there that enjoy "easy to clean up after" meals. This one is also for those of you that feel like adding in a few carbs or maybe indulging a bit. Ingredients: 2 - 4… Continue reading One Pot Meal

Wild Wolf Blog

It’s All About Health

You won't believe the week I had last week! I was finally motivated, ready to go and about take over the world. Then I got sick. Wisdom tooth sick! It is really painful and the medication that you get put on is super strong. I was knocked out! On Monday I was perfectly healthy. On… Continue reading It’s All About Health